Thursday, September 24, 2009

I'm Still here...

Just a quick note before I run off to pinch out a Batch Loaf...I'll be back posting on this page again,i'm sure any of you that were waiting with baited breath are long dead..

I'll try and keep them frequent and Ranty..

To the anonymous punctuation Nazi that commented on said punctuation,I'm still waiting for you to suck my balls..

To any of you that have bothered to comment on here in the past..Thanks..

Now i'm touching cloth so I must dash.....

Saturday, April 25, 2009

I was Memed By Holemaster!

Here is how it works.

1) Put the link of the person who tagged you on your blog.
2) Write the rules (I don’t what they are, they must be these five points)
3) Mention 6 things or habits of no real importance about you.
4) Tag 6 persons adding their links directly.
5) Alert the persons that you tagged them.

1)I get 3 month on,3 month off hankerings for Aldi Crunchy peanut butter.

2)I love it when you are about to ring/text someone,they contact you at that precise moment.

3)My friends are my family too,its awful that it takes a tragedy to make you realise this.

4)I love it when a plan comes together

5)I dont want to get a car as i love walking (thanks DA),but i will have to give in as it is impractical for me not to have one.

6)I cant read just one book,so i have often got about 3 on the go,its not big or clever ,its probably just undiagosed A.D.D.

Now to tag peeps


The Good Doctor



Mad Jack


First time tagging so i hope i dont fuck it up.I'm sure ye'll let me know


Over the last couple of months of job losses,an arse-raping Budget,more stories of incompitance and thievery within the Government,there is an overwhelming sense that people ,ie:The General law abiding public,are getting pissed off with their lot.

Now ,we all accept to some degree or other that the Government are a bunch of no good crooks that will fuck us over in order to protect their and their mates interests,or to cover up their criminal behaviour..

But what happens when the actual bona fide crooks,you know the ones you read about in The Sunday World,start believing that they are above the law,that they can murder inoccent people just to send a message to the Authorities that they will not live in our society,that they will do as they wish,when they wish.When the same person interviewed in The Sindo talking about a peace process between Limerick Gangs,is implicit in Threatning behaviour to the Father and Brother of a man that the gang shot in the back at his place of work 2 weeks before?

Well,to my mind,if these cowardly cunts have opted out of society,then they forego all the benefits of that,including their human rights,internment has been bounced around in certain News Papers and on the Radio.But Internment will not work,it will have the opposit effect and will end up in a massive legal row and we the tax payers will end up footing the bill for the Lawyers and the compensation for the scumbags..

So,what do we do??

Well,let me know what you think..

For me there is only one solution,and it doesnt give me any pleasure to say this but,we have an Elite Army Rangers unit in the Army.An Elite unit that although extremely well trained,don't get to use this training,how about we let them loose on these fucks?? How about,if you fuck with the society that pays your dole,gives you your house,buys your drugs off you,if you start killing inoccents,society kills you. I think if that law was brought in,these fuckers would soon be quietened down.

Now this may not be the best solution and there would be Geneva Convetion issues,but fuck that.The thing these fuckers understand is violence,so as a society,lets get medieval on their asses!

If an invading Army attacked Ireland,would you fight them or just let them do what they want? Why do we put up with this shit just because they are fellow countrymen*?

*= These cunts are from England by the way,the came over to Ireland about 10 years ago,because they were run out by the Met..

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Real IRA reveales its Recession Policy

So,You are trying to overthrow one of the Superpowers.A relative peace has descended
on the land.People are getting on with their daily lives,worrying about mortgages,jobs,shopping,whether your football team are gonna win the next match.You know,normal stuff.

What do you do?

Isn't it obvious?


Well,you follow 2 Pizza delivery drivers from the Piazza place,to their destination,in this case an Army Barracks.
Then you wait until they are unloading their tasty delivery,and you run in Shooting anyone thats in your line of site..

2 Evil Empirialistic Genocidal maniacs the like not seen since Cromwell (well,actually to young soldiers in their early twenties,awaiting a plane to Afganistan) are dead..

Well Hurrah lads,thats one in the Eye of the Hun..

"watch out for those paramilitary pizza delivery boys"

Then your release a statement saying that you are glad that the 2 soldiers were killed and that the Pizza Delivery fellas were colluding with the security services..
Thats an Interesting one "Colluding" in the dictionary,Colluding means plotting with,or conspiring with.. I think they mixed up "Colluding" with "Delivery".
So we aren't dealing with Brain surgeons here obviously.But I would have expected somewhere beyond the reading age of a 6 year old..

So,here we go again then?

Maybe not.I hope that these cunts are found and brought to Justice.In fact,I believe that this attack is a direct response to the SAS being brought in to hunt down the "Sur-Real IRA".
Well,im not a west-brit or anything,but these cunts make me angry,because they are trying to speak for me as an Irish person.They don't,I dont think there are that many people in the North would agree with them either.
They should just go back to what they've been doing best for the last 10 years.robbing banks (badly) and intimidating shop keepers and widows..

Your Medal is in the post..

Monday, March 2, 2009

Happy Idiots

In General,I am a fairly tolerant person.I give people the benefit of the doubt mostly.I try and avoid confrontation if it is possible.I don't see the point in wasting my time and energy in losing my temper all the time.But..

There are a section of society that I cannot abide,that make me despair of the point of human existance (apart from Nazi's and Fianna Fail)
They are Life's floaters.. They sail through life without a care in the world.

I call them Happy Idiots.

Now this post is born partly out of envy of their ignorance.

Sorry,let me explain who these people are..

Well,i'll try and make this concise and not ramble on.You know who they are,you work with them,for them,you are stuck in traffic with them,you smell their farts on the bus or train.

A few examples are:

The person that likes music played on Daytime radio,thinks Ray Foley is the cutting edge of wit,thinks that Liveline is a serious current affairs program,that doesn't read a paper,that doesn't question things,that turns off a documentary because "America's Next Top Model" is on the other channel.That pays €10 to see a fucking assembly line Rom-Com/Thriller piece of shit movie,but hasn't seen ANY decent movie that you throw their way..
That turns off the news because "It's Boring" but then when the country is falling to pieces around them, will come up with the Idiot's gem line "If Bertie was here,this wouldn't have happened" in tone that suggest's that they've just solved the Middle East situation..
There's more but I think that you get the drift (unless you are a happy idiot,in that case,what are you reading this for there's a fly on the wall doc about Jade Goody's Cat on Living Tv)

Now,I did say above that this post was probably deep down borne form a kind of envy of their blinkered moronic existence.Because the fact is that I do care what happens in the world around me,I do read a paper (not the Sunday Times though..shower of cunts),I do not accept the easy route,whether its music,films or Books.

I just think maybe I would probably be a happier person if that "Cerebral" part of my brain didn't work so well...

I guess what I am really saying is,Can you send me money so I can get a Lobotomy?

"I've met the man in the Street,and he's a Cunt"
- Sid Vicious

Sunday, February 15, 2009


I was playing Trivial Pursuits last night and I pulled out a "History" question to ask my mate.

This was the "History" question.

Question.Who described Tony Blair and Gordon Brown as the Lennon & McCartney of Global Developement?


Now its all very fashionable and boring to call Bono an egomaniac cunt with a messianic complex.And i think U2 have done a lot of good things for this Country (apart from paying tax here),they have improved the image of Ireland in the world stage and contributed to alot of Tourism.
And when people jump on the Bono bashing bandwagon I would usually point out the positives of the wee chap (he is TINY btw,my brother knocked him flying by accident outside The Shelbourne Hotel one time)

But last night as i read that question out,the missus said to me "Why did you let out that little scream of despair there?" I was unaware any sound had come form my mouth at all..
It must have been a little pocket of rage gas that had been trapped for a long time,getting released.. I felt a little dead inside after ..

Read the Question again,go on.. and think about the total Cuntishness,the total arselicking,fauning,browntongued sentiment behind it..

Now take a deep breath and let that scream out....

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

You have to Laugh....and then cry..then get sick..

I was walking home from work today,listening to The Last Word.
There was a piece on it about the pensions that some of the ex-ministers in this Country get.
Now I could be slightly off on the figures here but for an Ex Dáil members it runs at about €160,000 a year,but you get it straight away.You don't have to wait until you are 60 or 65..
But amongst the people that was mentioned is the Chairman of B.P.,thats British Petroleum,he is one of the Richest men in the Country by all accounts,and he picks up €50,000 a year for the rest of his life.I'd say that pays his Drivers wages..

Now,the other story here was on after,it was about funding for Special Needs education in schools being cut,which means that kids that have learning difficulties will be put back into regular classes and told to pull up their socks and stop being so thick and lazy..

Now i could pull a load of Figures off a Govt website and do a in-depth investigation but thats not really my style.

The Jist of the Story is this..

The Politicians have a sweet deal for themselves and they have the power to change the way their pensions are paid and the rates at which they are paid,The will say that their hands are tied,but they can change it..

But thats not going to happen,why do that when we can cut funding to the weakest members of society to save a few quid,and condemn a generation of kids to the dole or at best menial labour..

It also turns out that they knew about Irish Permanent putting €7billion into Anglo-Irish's Coffers on the last day of their financial year last September to make them look like they weren't a fucking Money Laundering Operation for their Directors..

Just before the Govt pledged to bail out the banks.

Will people rise up violently against these Cunts that are going to turn this Country into a Third World State..

Nah,we'll just bitch about it on Blog,letters Pages in newspapers and Liveline.

They will laugh at how maliable (ooh-fancy word)we are as a people and keep on giving us the High hard One..

I bought a Lotto ticket tonight,if it comes up,the next ticket i'll be buying will be a plane ticket out of here...I'll come back to visit..I swear..